About Us

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we could say it all started in 1995 when our founder was severely penalized by some chicken wings that bore the moniker "Suicide" but, that tale is for another time. We will say that in 2013 we were looking for hot sauces that offered more than heat.  We didn't know much about the industry at the time, so the search yielded few results. We kept finding sauces that were overly heat focused, had names and labels that were risque' or both. This seeming lack of variety prompted us to ask, "Why not make a sauce of our own?". If we were looking for certain characteristics from a hot sauce, why not produce one? This caused us to do serious research on the hot sauce industry as well as chile peppers. What we found was a world of variety and flavor. There were thousands of different unique chilies and so many different salts and vinegars. It was very exciting and encouraging. The biggest discovery was that of the myriad of sauciers that produced really unique, wildly varied and extremely flavorful pepper sauces.

 We knew there was a hole, but what surprised us was that there were more of us out there determined to fill it. This helped sharpen our mission focus. The Mission? Produce and offer flavor forward hot sauces/pepper sauces that focus on combining great flavor, texture, consistency and versatility with a just a bit of spice. Thus creating a palate pleasing experience that not only dazzles the senses, but rejuvenates the taste buds every time. We also wanted to help usher this part of the industry into the mainstream while strengthening the community aspect. We became a company on May 5, 2014 to facilitate that goal and we are working hard to accomplish that, one bottle at a time.

About Our products

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 We at Ground-Up Flavor Company LLC specialize in crafting flavor forward pepper sauces that emphasize unique flavor profiles as well as food pairing excellence. We are committed to using the freshest ingredients that are sourced as close to the area as possible. We pride ourselves on the fact that we hand select every chili, herb, spice and salt that we use in our process. All of our products are 100% natural and preservative free, we use no gums, thickeners or sodium benzoate. 

   All of our sauces are produced by us in small batches here in Decatur, Georgia. We really strive to create hot sauces and pepper sauces that appeal to the uninitiated as well spice lovers. With the idea of melding depth of flavor and chili spice, we toiled to balance the two components, thus creating a more varied hot sauce experience. We wanted to make sure that we created palate pleasing sauces that could pair well with all manner of food seamlessly. We believe we have done just that, creating pepper sauces that accent any dish without overwhelming them.

 Although we produce several very small batch sauces throughout the year, Lovestuff Five Pepper Sauce is our flagship sauce and is the only product that we offer year round. It is a proprietary blend of five different chilis, herbs and salts. It took us 27 recipes to perfect and we enjoyed that delicious trip very much. We wanted to show the world that hot sauce can be an interesting, tasty and versatile condiment that can accent and elevate any dish without destroying your palate. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them for you.